Lukajange District

Lukajange District
Last update: April 2016
Lukajange District is the oldest church district of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – Karagwe Diocese. The district office is located close to the Cathedral and some 200 meters from Diocesan Head Offices. Nearby towns are Kayanga (location of governmental district of Karagwe) and Omurushaka (business center).

Lukajange District is composed of eight parishes (congregations of each parish mentioned in the brackets); namely Lukajange (Lukajange), Kayanga (Kayanga and Karaizo), Nyakahanga (Nyakahanga, Nyakiziba and Bigoro), Nyabwegira (Nyabwegira and Ndama), Nyakahanga Hospital (Nyakahanga Hospital), Rukole ( Rukole, Ihanda, Cherunga, Chelima, Chonyonyo, Rularo and Katinkimo), Omurushaka (Omurushaka) and Bujuruga (Rwamugurusi, Rujebe, Kibombo, Kakashombwe and Kabale).

The Dean and Assistant to the Bishop Rev. Yoram Karusya serves as District Pastor. Other pastors are Rev. Elnathan Rubanga (Lukajange Parish), Rev. Eustace Nguma (Nyabwegira Parish), Rev. Enock Thobias (Kayanga Parish), Rev. Restituta Theobald (Nyakahanga Hospital and Omurushaka Parishes), Rev. James Kiiru (Rukole Parish), Rev. Sunday Kanwakaita (Nyakahanga Parish), and Rev. Yupo Makoba(Bujuruga Parish). Other district employee is Mrs Elina Bagoka (office secretary) and Else Pachael cordinator for Christian Education.

Activities and Plans
Lukajange Church District is part of Karagwe Diocese (KAD). Therefore, what we plan and put into practice relies on KAD’s strategic plan 2014/18. The first goal, which is also a key goal in KAD’s strategic plan, states as follows: “Building a community with a strong and stable Christian faith through proclaiming and teaching the word of God”. Generally, this is the goal we commit ourselves to achieve on district level. We therefore;

 Preach and teach the word of God in worship services and open air meetings.
 Administer Sacraments (Lord’s Supper and Baptism) in Church service.
 Pay house to house visitation to our members.
 Officiate weddings and comfort mourners during funeral services.
 Offer seminars on stewardship, leadership, marriage and family issues, financial regulations. youth and the changing world (or related matters), HIV/AIDS, interreligious discussions., environmental conservation and transparency and accountability (combating corruption).
 Teach Christian Education at schools (primary and secondary schools).
 Organize and teach Sunday Schools and confirmation classes.
 Offer opportunities for small projects/loans to empower families (for instance; Women Saccos and cows for milk).
 Organize and care for church groups (women groups, choirs, youth groups.
 Mainstream advocacy (expose ministers to right based approach –RBA, integrate evangelization with gender issues and design programs to raise voices for the oppressed).
 Build and renovate church buildings (currently Nyakahanga congregation, Bigoro congregation, Chonyonyo congregation, Ihanda congregation, and Kibombo congregation).
 Construct a new modern church in Kayanga town (plans underway).
 Construct water tanks at Chonyonyo and Cherunga (Rukole Parish).
 Construct pastor’s house for Bujuruga Parish and Omurushaka Parish.

The partnership between Church Districts of Leverkusen and Lukajange was established 1985 and unites Christians with different cultures from both countries - Germany and Tanzania. Leverkusen is a Church District of the Evangelical Church in Rheinland. Together we serve God’s people spiritually, mentally and physically. Jointly, we propose and put into practice (implement) various projects, for instance renovating and constructing church buildings, constructing water tanks, organizing and carrying out seminars for various groups in the parishes, supporting primary and secondary education for children from poor families and carrying various activities for environmental conservation (Kibombo and Chonyonyo forests). We also share “who we are” through visitation, pray for each other and engage in discussion on various issues affecting our societies, including theological themes. Christ has united us as sisters and brothers in God’s mission to the world.
Partnership committee in Leverkusen is headed by Rev. Annemarie Backer, email and in Lukajange Dean Rev. Yoram Karusya, email:

Text: Rev.Yoram Karusya
up dated by Rev. E. Rubanga