Kyerwa District

last update: April 2016
Kyerwa church district is one of the 8 church districts and the largest district in Karagwe Diocese. It has 23,188 church members. The district is composed of 7 Parishes. These parishes are red by 8 parishs Pastors, where 44 congregations are found in respective church District. While parish Pastors leading the Parish, the evangelist are reading the congregations.
Apart from that they conduct Sunday services, they are also working in teaching Christian education in primary school, secondary school ,colleges and other Pastoral work in church and out of the church. The pastor in Kyerwa are in place as follows:- Rev. Yaredi Wakami(Kyerwa Parish/District), Rev. Severine Malozi(Kaisho Parish), Rev. Wistone W. Majaliwa(Karukwanzi Parish), Rev. Sophia Bonephace(Kachato parish) and Rev. Jesse Mtelani(Nyarutuntu Parish).
Others are Rev. Godfrey Kagashani(Nkwenda Parishs) and Rev. Sunday Kanwakaita(Rwabwere Parish) together with Parish Pastors, there is Mwalimu Else Hojvang a missionary from Denmark, who works with a new programme. The programme works on women, children and stewardship within Kyerwa church District. The eighthy Pastors Emmanuel Kishato, came in last year mainly working for the inaguration of the new proposed parish in Nkwenda parish.
The congregation in Kyerwa are:- Kyerwa, Nyaruzumbura, Katera, Milambi, Rubwera and Omukishanda, Nkwenda, Nkwenda stand, Nyakagando, Omundinzai, Runyinya, Kangarame, Songambele, Kajunju, Kilegete and Kifora, Nyarutuntu, Kakerere, Chanyangabwa, Kasharara, Bihabo, Kitega, Kachato, Kitwechenkura, Kitoma, Nyabikurungo, Omukakoma and Cherima. Karukwanzi, Kihanga, Ishaka, Rwamashaju and Kijeru. Others are Rwabwere, Itera, Muleba, Chanya, Rwekubo and Kashami. There are three (3) congregations known and served as mission areas.(kashami, kiregete and Lukuraijo)
In kyerwa we are blessed with numbers of institutions owned by KAD, those are Nkwenda Bible School, Nkwenda Youth and Farmers Training centre, Imani EMPS, Diaconic school, Tumshubire EMPS and Benard secondary school.
As other church in KAD, we are working and guided by the word of God together with KAD – strategic plan 2014 – 2018. Basically our main task is to preach the word of God in which we are called and asked to serve man holistically (Spiritually, mentally and physically) are in doing that our concern as well as activities/projects as follows:-
1. Preaching the gospel.
2. Education for adults’ youth and children through various seminars.
3. Religious education (Primary Schools, Secondary schools and Colleges)
4. Help/support for district workers
5. Water tanks construction.
6. Installing and repairing solar system in Parish Pastor’s houses
7. Income generating projects.
8. Environmental conservation/ a forestation.
9. Construction of the new church buildings
10. Establishment of other generating income projects
11. Establishment of new community centre
12. AIDS – control Programme(especially orphans support and widows and widowers)
13. A forestation.
Other projects conducted in Kyerwa District under the KAD supervision are as follows:-
1. MAYAJA ( Maendeleo ya jamii project) this a year, the project was allocated new buildings for Sunday school classes and conducted in two governmental wards(Isingiro and Kaisho)
2. New life project, this is operating in six (6) Parishes within the District.
3. Sunday school programme this is conducted in both seven (7) parishes.
4. Diaconia work, this is working/practiced in each congregation, KARUCO Project, the church member are contributing funds for the construction of KARUCO.
5. Mission and Evangelism Program me, the Diocesan departments provide some equipment as well as funds in order to support the work or preaching the word of God all over the district.
6. Environmental conservation project, reforestation project. VSLA, There are six(6) groups within the District formed under the ACP with the aim of enabling community members depending on themselves especially in entrepreneurship.
The church district in Kyerwa , thanks God that we are blessed with numbers of friends. The partnership between church districts in Gutersloh id strongly working very successfully.
Two congregations are from Kyerwa Parish (Kyerwa) and one Kachato Parish (Kichwenkula) has the partnership with sdrbjert church in Denmark and Kyerwa with Scaring church in Denmark. The partnership is well and lively working on the program me of South partnership we have the partnership with western District in NWD and Anglican Church in Rwanda.
Through the Diocesan level were are connected to UEM, Germany, Cos (Sweden), DANMISSION (Denmark) in which we share number of blessing from this partnership and USA/LVA (America). A number of project mentioned above have been supported through these partnerships. Thanks God and all partners for the spirit of working together with love “Together we can”
Text Rev: Yared Wakami
For further information contact:- Rev. Yared Wakami through Tel: +255 756 200 501
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