Districts and Parishes

7 church districts and 1 mission area (Graphik: Jorg Staehler)Map of Karagwe Diocese

District Level

Under the diocesan level there is the district level. So far there are seven church districts: Lukajange, Bweranyange, Kituntu, Mabira, Kyerwa, Murongo and Ihembe. Ngara mission area is planned to be the eighth district. Each district is headed by a district pastor. There are no formal departments at the district level. But the youth and women wings are very active.

Parish Level

Under the district level, there is the parish level. Each district has three to seven parishes. In every parish there is a pastor who leads the parish. Once again there are no formal departments at the parish level. Each parish is composed from five to twelve congregations. Each congregation is headed by an evangelist and church elders.

There are general meetings and committees at all levels. From the congregations, through the parish to the district, all matters are forwarded. The district then forwards matters to the diocesan organs.

Text: Erasto Kamihanda