Bweranyange District

The district known as Bushangaro is the exact same area as the Nyabiyonza governmental district and has a total of about 100sq kms. This is the south-western part of the Karagwe Diocese sharing the Western border with the Republic of Rwanda along the Kagera River. In 1938, the first missionaries visited Kayungu and Nyakagoyegoye in order to preach the Gospel.

Bweranyange Church District has five parishes namely; Nyabiyonza, Kamagambo, Kandegesho, Mazinga and Kayungu Parish.There are 33 congregations with a total of about 20,000 congregants. Furthermore, there are 33 evangelists and others working together in the ministry. Sr. Zeulia Ibeganisa coordinates the womenís work in the district.

1. Women activities. Women groups are operated in every congregation. They engage in activities like singing, Bible study, handcraft work and small projects for income generation. They also have tree plantations as a way of conserving the environment.
2. Evangelization in all congregations
3. Bible study and fellowship in congregations
4. Open air meetings in every parish
5. Diaconal work in each congregation; helping the poor both materially and spiritually
6. Project for educating the youths who have accomplished their primary level to enable them join vocational training schools. This is done with the support from Luebbecke.
7. Evangelists education ( to those with no secondary education)
8. Tree planting and awareness on environmental education to the people
9. Expansion of churches eg. Church at Chabalisa

1. Increase in the number of evangelists hence wide spread of the Gospel
2. More pastors obtained after the education
3. Self reliance activities as a way of generating income to the district. Such as timber for construction
4. More parishes and congregations; thus, serving more people

Future plans
1. To preach the word of God further
2. Continous education to the community
3. Establishing a broad project; constructing a hostel at KARUCO as a way of generating income for the District. This is tobe done with the support from Luebbecke.

The partnership between Bweranyange and the church District Luebbecke was started in the beginning of the 1980ís through a partnership of congregations Levern- Trihausen and Nyakagoyagoye. Later on, the partnership expanded to the level of districts of Bweranyange and Luebecke. Since Luebbecke has also another partnership with Gerega Bataki Karo Protestant Church (GBKP), the idea was born, to start a multilateral partnership between Germany, Tanzania and Indonesia.

The areas of partnership are; environmental education, exchange visits, church constructions and youth camps. The partnership is now growing. Exchange visits have been going on. This year, the District pastor will be visiting Germany for 6 six weeks as a way of strengthening the partnership.

Nyabiyonza Parish and Orsa Parish of Church of Sweden are partners. The partnership began in 2013. The areas of partnership are exchange visits,music and helping each other.

For further information through the District pastor, Rev. Jackson Kanyiginya. Tel:+255 786 774 941,