Strategic Plan Jan 2014-2018

In July 2013, the KAD leadership including Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza, General Secretary Erasto Kamihanda, all district pastors, head of departments and institutions developed together a renewed vision and mission of the Diocese for the coming years:


The Karagwe Diocese envisions a Christ centered society that is joyful, peaceful and holistically empowered.


The Diocese is committed to build a strong community through preaching and teaching, advocacy and provision of socio-economic services with integrity and love towards sustainable integral development.
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  • Building a community with a strong and stable Christian faith through proclaiming and teaching the word of God;
  • Building a healthy and educated community by providing accessible and affordable social services;
  • Improving economic status of the communities through income generating and environmental conservation activities;
  • Enhancing the institutional development of the diocese;
  • Enhancing gender equality in the community by empowering families.

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