Dove and Cross

Symbol: Dove and Cross
The ELCT Karagwe Diocesan symbol consists of two figures namely, a dove and the cross. The dove signifies ‘peace’ but at the same time symbolizes the descending of the Holy Spirit upon the cross.

In 1979, the first synod assembly of the newly formed Karagwe Diocese accepted these two symbols as a way showing the work of the Holy Spirit that brings peace through the cross.

Even though, the cross signifies violence in most cultures, but through that experience, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ avails salvation to humankind and the whole world. It is through and by the help of the Holy Spirit that we are able to understand what actually happened on the cross.

This symbol was engraved upon the legalia/insiginias of the KAD-bishop such as on the mitre, on the ring, on the official stamp, and on the crosier/staff.

The Church of Sweden Mission engraved these first insignia and participated in the consecration service that instituted them.

Anchor, cross, mitre and crosier

However, there are additional symbols on the bishop’s ring and bishop’s official stamp. Those are anchor, cross, mitre and crosier which signify the complete Episcopal office at work.

Karagwe Diocese joined the historical Episcopal tradition (Apostolic succession) which emphasize rather strict liturgical observations of the church in its true catholicity, apostolicity and holiness.

Here you can download the symbol as word.file:
KAD Symbol
Karagwe Diocese – KAD Symbol

Text: Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza