Introduction to the ELCT Karagwe Diocese

The Karagwe Diocese (KAD) belongs to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT).

The beginning of the Diocese in 1979Consecration of the first Bishop Paulo Mukuta in 1979

In January 2009, the Karagwe Diocese celebrated its 30th anniversary. Looking back, the diocese has experienced many hard times. A number of crisis and problems had to be tackled. Nonetheless, the diocese has also experienced increasingly good times. This shows that when you resolve problems, then development is possible, and this is encouraging.

Have a look at KAD at one glance, inform about the diocesan structure, get to know the land and the people and learn more about our vision, mission and goals and our symbol.

Karibu sana at Karagwe!

Text: Erasto Kamihanda