The structure of the Karagwe Diocese

Elements of the Diocese

The Diocese operates through the following organs:
Last meeting in 2008
The Synod (General Assembly), with delegates from all the parishes, is the highest decision making body and meets once every two years. The Synod has the duty to make sure that the Diocese is operating. The Synod also oversees the teaching and preaching. Therefore it makes sure that this happens according to the established vision and mission, as well as the constitution of KAD and the Lutheran Christian teachings. The Synod elects the Bishop and the assistant to the Bishop, who is called Dean.

Meeting at Kayanga (Photo: Annika Henkel)
On behalf of the Synod, the Diocesan Executive Council (KAD EXCO) meets two to three times a year to oversee and regulate the ongoing work of the diocese. It approves the reports and budgets, institutes rules and regulations, and appoints the district pastors, diocesan and units senior staff. For the smooth running of the different activities there are a number of councils, boards and committees operating on behalf of the Executive Council.

The Head Office of the Diocese is located in Lukajange and cares about the daily work. Click here for getting more information about the Head Office.

District and Parish Level

Besides the elements, the Diocese contains of seven districts and one mission area. Click here to get to know the districts, the parishes and the mission area.

Text: Erasto Kamihanda